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How do Houston Bail Bonds Work?

Houston bail bonds work like most bonds. When someone lands in jail, they put up a sufficient collateral or security to authorize the court to release them from jail. If the bail is a significant amount, a bond is required. However, most people cannot come up with the money to cover the bail. A bail bondsman can put up the money while taking a percentage of what the bond is for their services. The bond assures that the person who was in jail will show up in court when summoned. If the person fails to appear in court, the bond is voided. It is in a bail bondsmen's best interest for that person to appear in court when summoned. Look at this video to learn more about this process.

OK Bail Bonds serves Harris and Brazoria counties and provides fast, easy and affordable bail bonds service. We function as a mobile company, so we can move fast when necessary. Our agents are experienced and can work anywhere, which makes it easier for you. You never know when you might need a good bond service, so keep our number in mind. In Harris County, call (713) 477-5400 or in Brazoria County, call 281-485-9393.

Where are Affordable Houston Bail Bonds Companies Located?

If you are looking for an affordable Houston bail bonds company that can facilitate a fast release from jail, contact OK Bail Bonds immediately. When faced with jail time, it can be difficult to wait on someone to come and bail you out. This can be can be an excruciating experience, especially if you never have dealt with this type of situation in the past. OK Bail Bonds knows you do not want to sit in jail longer than necessary. So, we provide fast, affordable bail bond services that the results in your quick release and you will not lose your life's savings in the process. We are your best bet for a bail bond in Houston or Brazoria County.

Some companies charge a lot to bail you out of jail. As reputable bail bondsmen, OK Bail Bonds provides upstanding service that takes care of you, not take advantage of you. You will have enough worries to deal with without being worried over the price of the bond. Our crew will work with you and assist you in coming up with the best solution.

Payment plans are available at OK Bail Bonds. We practically wrote the book on payment plans for big or small bonds. We understand that time is money and when you are behind bars, it is real hard to earn a paycheck. Bonds are much cheaper than you think and we can beat any price from our competitors. If you are someone you know has landed in jail in either Harris or Brazoria County, call us immediately.

What is the Best Bargain for Houston Bail Bonds Companies?

The best bargain you can get for yourself when you need Houston bail bonds is to call OK Bail Bonds without delay. We are available 24/7, so no matter what time you find yourself in jail we can accommodate you. Our friendly staff is always on hand to serve you in the highest capacity.

Give our offices a call if you or someone you know needs bail bonds in Houston, Texas or in Brazoria County. You will not be there for long, providing you call OK Bail Bonds as soon as possible!

    Top reasons people purchase bail bonds in Houston

  • November 14, 2016

    Face it — nobody ever decides it’s a good day to wind up arrested. But there are certain times of the year when arrests spike all over the city, and holidays like Halloween are one of those times.

    You’ll need more than a ghost of a chance to get out of jail

    If you had more than your fair share of witches’ brew and your broomstick got impounded because you got a DWI, you may need Houston bail bonds from the agents at OK Bail Bonds to set your spirit free. The good news is these dedicated professionals work nights, weekends and holidays, so you won’t have to rattle around the jail in chains for very long.

  • Ocober 10th

    Houston Bail Bonds Let You Get Back to Work Fast

    If you get arrested and wind up behind bars, you won’t be able to earn a living or pay your bills. If you have a family depending on you for food, shelter or other necessities, your arrest can cause your family some serious problems.

    Keeping the family together is vital

    You don’t want your kids to go hungry or end up in foster care because of a simple mistake. Purchasing Houston bail bonds is the first step towards keeping your family together. Before your arrest negatively affects your family, call OK Bail Bonds so you can keep your job and meet your family obligations.

  • August 8, 2016

    Houston Bail Bonds Are An Affordable Option After An Arrest:

    No one ever intends to get arrested and wind up in jail, yet jails are filled to capacity, and some are overflowing. Whether it’s a major mistake or a momentary lapse of normally good judgment, if you find yourself on the other side of those bars, you may need a Houston bail bonds agent to set you free.

    When today is not your day
    In a perfect world, if you had to be arrested it would be just after you cashed in that winning lottery ticket. But more likely it will be after midnight, two days before payday when your back account shows a negative balance of .68 cents. Some days you’re the windshield; other days, you’re the bug. If you’re locked up in a cell, it’s definitely a bug day.

    Affordable bail options are available
    Even if you don’t have the money to bail yourself out, you still have options to get yourself back on the streets. Call a Houston bail bonds agent and explain your situation. You can believe that he’s heard it all before and will have a few different payment plans to offer you for his services. Most agents take credit cards, and some accept post-dated checks and titles to vehicles or boats as surety.

    Change your luck from bad to good by making the call that will secure your release quickly and affordably. Don’t delay! Call a Houston bail bonds agent today!

  • July 25, 2016

    How to Choose a Reliable Houston Bail Bonds Agent

    When you are incarcerated, your primary concern is how to get out of that hostile environment as quickly as possible. If neither you nor your family or friends are able to raise enough money for your bail, it’s likely that you will need to turn to a Houston bail bonds agent to secure your release. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

    1. Choose an agent who is willing to work to get you out of jail on nights, weekends and holidays. Many, if not most, arrests occur outside of the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. time frame; make sure the agent is willing to respond to after-hours calls.

    2. If English is not your native language, make sure that the bail bonds agent explains the terms of your bail in a language you understand, or that he or she uses a reputable translator.

    3. Don’t get in over your head financially. If the terms of the payment plan are not within your budget, let the agent know this. He or she may be able to lower your payments by stretching them out over time. You also may need to get a co-signer on the bond.

    Getting out of jail on bond is the first step in getting your life back on track. Choosing a reputable bail bonds agent can help you in this endeavor.

  • January 7, 2016
    Published by OK Bail Bonds on January 7, 2016

    Even before those in police custody get to the jail, thoughts of how they can get released are already racing through their minds. While some may have the means to afford their own bail, most in police custody have to rely on friends, relatives or the services of a bail bonds agent to get out of jail. Below are some of the primary reasons people purchase bail bonds here in Houston.

    • Risk avoidance, as they don’t have to tie up their home or another piece of property to get themselves or someone else out of jail.
    • The simplicity of the process is attractive to many, as most (if not all) of the transaction can be taken care of over the telephone.
    • Reputable bail bonds agents will accommodate clients who are short on funds by setting them up with reasonable payment plans that fit most budgets.
    • Bonding out of jail allows defendants to return to work and earn money for attorney’s fees and living expenses.
    • Purchasing a bail bond to secure your release keeps families together, and in many cases, prevents minor children from entering the foster care system if one or both parents wind up arrested.
    • Jail is, at best, a very inhospitable place, and can be downright dangerous. The less time spent there, the better.

    Regardless of the circumstances that led to your arrest, you can make your future brighter by purchasing a bail bond to secure your release.


  • What Are The Benefits Of Houston Bail Bonds?

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  • January 8, 2016
    Published by OK Bail Bonds  on January 8, 2016

    Everyone’s situation is unique, but there are some common reasons that people purchase bail bonds in Houston. Below are a few scenarios when Houston bail bonds can be a definite lifesaver.

    1. You’re a tourist who gets arrested. We get it. Maybe you came to Houston to watch one of your favorite sports teams get beaten by our hometown heroes and had a few too many beers while bemoaning the loss. A bail bonds agent can have you out of jail in time to catch your flight back home.
    2. You have to be at work. One of the ways an arrest can derail a life is by causing the defendant to lose his or her job. Getting bonded out of jail can prevent this from happening.
    3. You don’t have enough cash or property to make bail on your own. Bail is a great equalizer in that it offers a way for those without wealth to remain free until their criminal case is adjudicated.
    4. Your family needs you there at home. The longer single parents stay behind bars, the more vulnerable their kids back at home are, as they are at risk for being uprooted and thrust into the foster care system.
    5. Jail is a very unpleasant place. Very few places on earth are as inhospitable as a jail cell. Arranging to bond out as soon as possible minimizes the time spent there.

    Don’t risk your life unraveling due to an unfortunate arrest. Reach out to a local, reputable bail bonds agent to regain your treasured freedom.